Laser Focus


A basic principle of Paul Unger NBS Search is Laser Focus on the search execution and client relationship. Client feedback and quality survey response have consistently shown Paul Unger’s continued success and repeat client relationships have been based on the commitment to the search execution process. This success in focus is based on the following commitments:

Retained senior executive search is our only business. For 30 years Paul Unger has maintained, “You cannot be all things to all people.” While other firms have expanded their offerings into on-line recruiting, executive coaching, contract recruiting, compensation consulting, and other permutations of recruiting, our focus remains in the senior search domain only.

Limited Engagements. A typical search load in the large search firms is for a consultant to conduct 6-8 searches concurrently. We limit the number of searches conducted to four at any given time. This allows us to zero in on your needs immediately, hit the ground running and not stop that pace until the search is successfully completed.

All searches are conducted start to finish by the consultant with whom you contracted. We do not employ associates, directors or principals who do the execution on behalf of the consultant. In other words, “what you thought you saw is what you get!”

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship. Great search work is the result of strong mutual trust between the client and the search consultant which in turn results in frequent honest and open communications about the search progress and candidates. Paul Unger NBS Search is laser focused on earning that trust through consistent performance excellence.