Key Differentiators


Top Ten Reasons to Work with Paul Unger NBS Search


1.  30+ year successful track record in senior level retained search—Check our references.

2.  The search is conducted by the person you hired—Paul Unger.

3.  Client Off-limits issues are extremely limited.

4.  Candidate off-limits issues are virtually non-existent. (This is one of the least discussed issues by the major search firms and it is critical to the success of your search.)

5.  Each search receives new fresh research—not endlessly recycled candidates.

6.  We conduct no more than 4 searches at a time. Compare that with the 6-8 search load required by the majors.

7.  Expenses—Over the last few years search firms have increasingly adopted the practice of charging a significant percentage of the fee (12-15% at some of the top-tier firms) as monthly expenses above and beyond travel, interview expense and research. These charges are billed as administrative cost, report preparation, telephone and communications expense, postage and overnight delivery, etc. Haven’t you questioned why you are being billed thousands of dollars additional to the fee? The only expense billings Paul Unger NBS Search charges are for candidate or consultant travel and interview expense and modest external research expense. We consider all other expenses our cost of doing business.

8.  Success based billing. You don’t receive an invoice for the second retainer until a first slate of interviewed qualified candidates has been presented.

9.  Unconditional guarantee—We will redo the search at no additional fee except for out-of-pocket expenses if the hired candidate leaves for any reason except promotion, transfer or reorganization within one year following completion of the search.

10.  A global network of independent search and research consultants will support the search efforts worldwide.